Labor Day Observed

My family had some time off so they decided to pile in the car and come see me.  We had fun.  Friday my mother and I yard saled with the kids.  Saturday we tried out our gerbil ball on Simplot hill and visited some ghost towns.  Sunday they busted a hole in my house for a pantry add-on and went swimming.  My husband, a man deeply fond of napping, has wondered if it is possible for a whole family to have ADHD.

13 1733

But here is he is anyways, lugging the giant ball he just spent the last 40 minutes inflating, up to the top of a hill.

13 1736

Gotta love him.  And we do.

13 1738

And in the evenings we cozied up and watched Blandings, a recent adaption of P.G. Wodehouse for B.B.C.  As you can see from our faces, it’s a bit of a riot.  “We can’t prance around like delirious fairies!  There is muck to be spread!”

13 1756

Even more fun was watching my sister try to lock back the slide on my new pistol.  I can’t do it so Reuben decided to call in Bertha here.  She can do it, but it is all managed with some rather hilarious sound effects.

13 1757

Can’t you just see the blood veins popping?

13 1761

Reuben was also so kind as to whip me up the neatest leather holster.  I am only awaiting the co-coordinating belt to be properly accessorized.  Yes, my brother is the coolest.  And look at that, he even makes walk-in pantries.  If only every girl could be so lucky.

13 1766

My dad babysitting the youngest.

13 1768

Reuben post-lunch.

13 1774

The small matter of lifting the refrigerator onto it’s new platform.  *Poof.*  It’s like magic.

13 1792

Camping with Grandma and Grandad in the back yard.

13 1795

The Rascally Rabbers.

13 1835

13 1836

13 1837

I picked up this trellis at a yard sale this summer for $25.  Keeping Rehab there out of the street is pretty much a life project.  I’m hoping that a gate and a fence might slow her down some.

13 1831


13 1816

13 1821

Watching Grandad work.

13 1825

I was going to try and get away with just poking this thing in the ground, stacking some pavers on it, and calling it good.  But Grandad likes to do things right.

13 1828

13 1814

13 1813

13 1809

Daddy Boy, still ruminating on the $100 he just spent and the fact that he’s not napping.

13 1806

But check it out.  It’s pretty obvious that he loves me.

13 1842

13 1848

And wherever there is a project, there is usually Jael in the middle of it.  A doer and a shaker.

13 1850

And Daddy Boy was just sadly sucked into all of this because he finds me irresistibly attractive.

13 1852

Yes, he sees the errors of his ways now.  But it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “Labor Day Observed

  1. Well at least one of you gets better looking with age:) Isn’t that so unfair. Men get to looking weathered and wirey while us women just get wrinkly. But goody for you your wrinkles are at the corners of your eyes and that means you have been making joyful expressions with your time unlike mine right between my eyes in a furrow=(

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