Daddy Time

One of the things my husband is really good at is spending time with the kids.  I spend time with the dishwasher, he loves the children.  Usually he gets home from work and runs one of them to soccer, then after dinner he sits down and does their math, reads to the girls, “watches” the baby, prays with them, and puts them to bed.  Meanwhile, I’ll be racing the clock upstairs, thanking God there is someone around to keep the kids from going feral and who knows his times tables past five.


That’s the other sweet part of this deal.  He has forbidden me from teaching the kids math.  Or, as he puts it, from screwing them up forever.  I found him down here last night explaining perpendicular to Gideon.  “This is where these lines intersect and this angle here has to be 90 degrees.”  Or some such nonsense.  When I explain perpendicular I just say, “See, these two lines make a T.”  Complete with hand motions.  And when you have to multiply 8×3 you ask yourself what 3 x 4 is and multiply it by 2.  But apparently some people aren’t as easily impressed.


If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Go ahead.  Make my day.

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