Say When

I am very lucky to be friends when one of the most gracious and open-handed women you will ever meet.  That and she knows how to party.  Sharla emailed me a couple months ago and asked if I wanted to help plan a baby shower for our friend Kimberly.  If you don’t recall, this has happened before.  (We like to work together because then we don’t have to worry about people telling us “no.”)


“Should I make centerpieces using live fish?”  “Sure!”

“Do you think we should wash and iron 50 cloth napkins?”  “Of course!”

We may be die-hards but if anyone is worth it, it’s this girl right here.

Kimberly & Steve

Isn’t she cute?  When planning this shower the first thing we thought of when we thought of Kimberly was sushi.  I haven’t rolled sushi in years so this party was kind of intimidating.  Fortunately we had reinforcements.  Sharla signed up girls to prep all the food, tempura fry vegetables, set tables, make dessert, wash dishes, etc.  She’s a conductor with an iPhone.  And lucky for me, I had Mimi.  We rolled sushi like ninjas.


I even had another opportunity to hone my bubble tea skills.  (They needed honing.)  But I am honed now sista.


Sharla just built her new house.  It’s entirely geared towards entertaining.  However, the way I operate, I will never be a fan of the open kitchen.  I think I’m more a fan of a galley kitchen and wait staff.


Despite a few disasters with uncharted rice cookers, the sushi turned out delightful.  We did a variety of veggie rolls like cream cheese, red pepper, tempura veggie as well as blanched asparagus and portobello mushrooms rolled inside out with spicy mayo.



Here she is.  I hope she forgives me for inferior photo, but I thought it captured a bit of her maniacal zeal.


My friend Megan and her daughter who gladly adopted the decorative fish.  I had one of the fish for a day before I was pushed over the edge by it’s incessant fishy demands.


Kimberly opening gifts.  Also of significance in this picture is Sharla’s vintage, mid-century chair.  Now that is not Ikea.



Several times during the evening I had to field questions as to what Sharla’s husband did.  I think the simplest answer is that he creates.  Like the impromptu gift tag he made for Kimberly’s new Ergo.   It made me smile.


Anyways, it was a super fun evening.  And I am always glad for friends who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond.  My “yes men” as I call them.  Life is such a weighty thing.  It merits diving in on occasion, taking risks, and more than that, overflowing.  I think it’s when we “abound” that we are being the most true to who we are and what God has in store for us.  Faith reaches out and accepts abundance, and when our hands are full then next natural thing is a party.

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