During my anti-blogging holiday I painted all kinds of things.  Including the piano, Jael’s sewing desk, Rahab’s bedroom, the picnic table, and my bedroom ceiling.  (The list is not comprehensive.)  Here you can just see the green peeking out on my ceiling.  A little goes a long way.


It took me a long time to find the shade I was looking for.  You would think with all the paint samples out there they would have it covered.  But I only found one store, out of the four I visited, that had tint I wanted.  Pool hall green.  I decided I could only get away with something so decadent if I kept everything else white.


Fortunately there is a lot of cool white stuff.  As a rule, I don’t keep things around for looks.  Probably because I don’t have room and they would just get broken.  This is the only thing I collect.  And by “collect” I mean find for 50 cents at yard sales.  Some of these even came out of free boxes.  Others are presents.


My sister Natalie got me this candy dish last year for Christmas.  And this one underneath is the only one I actually paid real money for.  I looked at if for a long time until I realized there was no way around it.  I was going to have to cough up the $5 because it was going home with me.


My mother was even more extravagant.  She paid $10 for this Fenton vase that currently fetches around $130 on Ebay.  The next year she got me the matching cake stand.


I think the wise thing to do would be to start praying now for grace for the child who breaks them.  “It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”  That’s right.

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