Fall Y’all

Pretty much everyone’s favorite season.  I had to run out and take a picture of our pumpkins.  Jael lined them up on the picnic table earlier in the week.  Every time I pulled up the driveway they made me smile.


So yes, this is our house.  Makes you wonder where I even put all those pumpkins, doesn’t it?  Nah, they fit like a dream.  We clock at 1500 square feet, which I find more than adequate for our family of seven.  I think part of the secret is having an older home where space is used on an as needed basis.  A newer home this size might only have two bedrooms, but with a master bathroom suite, walk-in closets, open kitchen with island, etc.  And while there is nothing wrong with all that, it starts to eat up usable living space.  So right now I really appreciate our three small bedrooms, two utilitarian bathrooms, and narrow old-school kitchen.  It leaves room for the equivalent of three living spaces.   Living room, family room, and homeschool room – all tied together with an open spiral stair.  In other words, I’ve got bang for my buck.  Short of moving up another income bracket or to Kuna, I really don’t think I could do any better.


The other thing I love about having a relatively small house is how it makes me conscious of all the stuff in it.  Rooms don’t fill up with things I don’t use or don’t know I have.  And oddly enough, the more stuff I get rid of the more content I feel.  It is true, “Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”  The more layers I peel back, the more I can see the things that really matter, and the more easily we are tuned to enjoy them.  And while I don’t condemn stuff, Lord knows I’d take all the iridescent depression glass He’d care to give me, I don’t regret what I don’t have for a second.  Because I already have the best thing.


And it keeps on getting better.


3 thoughts on “Fall Y’all

  1. How lovely!

    That is the problem with modern homes: each bedroom is designed as complete living space for one person, so there is no incentive to leave the room and interact with the rest of the house’s occupants.

    Perhaps a return to the idea of the cubiculum is in order.

    • I like it. Even my dream home doesn’t have bedrooms, only dormitories. Boy often clarifies legal disputes by saying, “No, that’s not yours, it’s mine. Everything is mine.” And by the way, isn’t it nice of him to share. 😉

  2. I have an uncle that was a tradesman bricklaying contractor in Hampshire, IL that built himself and fam a cement block home with about 9 bedrooms, I believe. He, and his wife, had 10 children. Makesensedonut?

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