Return of the Hunt

I usually like to blog chronologically.  In other words, I don’t blog something new until I’m caught up on the old stuff.  I think 1’m 10 posts behind as is.  But I just remembered these pictures and I couldn’t pass them up.


Daddy left me, left me, for like five days earlier in the fall to go hunting.  The bally nerve.  Anyways, it was at the last possible second when he bagged his whitetail.  A celebration was in order.


They called me right before they rolled into town so the children put together a parade.


Rahab broke out the maraca.


High times.


Jehu bombarding Tractor Papa with praise.


Gideon, ever so serious.


I especially liked Jael’s take on the whole matter.




Anyways, way to go daddy.  Lucky for you, hanging out in the woods for a week only makes you sexier.


(The likeness is striking.)

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