“I get older, they stay the same age.”

My husband says that all the time.  And the other day he was telling me that Strawberry Shortcake was kinda hot.  Why yes, he is a bit of a pervert.  But I think that’s because he’s a guy.  I’ve come to expect it.


The end of November was his birthday dinner.  He made mole, chorizo, and elk carne asada tacos.  It was disgusting.  But some people are like that.


We like to host a dinner every year where Boy invites old school friends and the Chojnacky twins, who share his birthday.  It’s always a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  134031134027 134035

Although we were missing the Emerys this year and it’s not quite a party without Brad.  Sad to say.


Opening gifts.


Relaxing by the fire.

134041 134056 134059

And Gideon bowling over a two year old with the heavy bag.  Doh.

134060Anyways, happy birthday to my favorite dirty old man.  What would he do without me?  One can only imagine.

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