Visitors from Foreign Lands

Megan came home (not for Christmas)!  She only stopped by to toy with us.  Marc’s parents partied it up at our house before we had to return her to the airport.  Gayla hadn’t so much as walked in the door before I threw this gingerbread house at her.134063

She definitely enjoyed it more than I would have.  But that’s not really saying much, now is it?


The boys tried taking Grammy hostage, but to no avail.  Luckily (for them) they still had Aunt Meggie in their thrall for a few hours.


Who later went home sore with some mutation of typhoid fever and a sinus infection.


She was even initiated into the secret closet club.  Where close quarters and poor ventilation give germs the upper hand.


Ahh, nothing thrills the pack like fresh meat.

134090She barely made it home alive.  Quite literally speaking.  She may, or may not, come back.

But if she does, they’ll be waiting.

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