Holly Jolly

Decorating for Christmas makes my house even more psychedelic.  But that’s the way we like it.134185

My Mother-In-Law loaned us her back-up tree this year.  I told her I wanted to do a pink Christmas tree and she said she had just the thing.  The girls thought it was amazing and clasped their hands to their bosoms.  The boys cried.  134190

I don’t even know who gave me this Christmas hanging.  But someone must have thought, “That’s so ugly, I bet Miranda would like it.”  And I did.134192

I get the impression that it used to be the thing to make an heirloom quality stocking for your kid.  My mother quilted and cross stitched mine on the left while Marc’s mom went all crazy with the needlepoint on the right.  Not gonna happen.134193

This is my prize light-up ceramic Christmas tree I found at a yard sale for $2.  Everyone who walks in here seems to have had a grandma with one.  I guess they’re kind of hard to find now.134194 134201

I did a mix of plain pink ornaments with vintage.  I’d say we’ve broken five so far.

It snowed!

I love this green ornament with the pink blooms.  At the rate of extinction though I really need to be watching for more of these at yard sales.  Apparently you literally cannot have enough vintage and extremely delicate ornaments with five kids and one husband.  They mow right through them.134203

I did pick up this pink disco ball at a yard sale this season for 10 cents.  How could I not?134205 134212

At least my Nativity is invincible.  Vinyl.  At least 50 years old and here to stay.134215

The finished gingerbread house.  Rahab has finally given up gnawing on the roof now that she has realized how nasty it is.  Nasty, nasty.134268And now that it’s New Years, it’s time to put it all away.  If it weren’t for vintage Christmas decorations I wouldn’t deal with Christmas storage.  I’d just make craft ornaments and then torch the whole thing.  Problem solved.  But I keep finding this stuff at yard sales.  I can’t say no.  I just need more boxes.


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