Hugh Bear

Jehu had a birthday party the beginning of this month.  It was a rough week, sandwiched between visits to both our parents, hosting two other parties, and general Christmas hoopla.  Not to mention homeschooling.  I was recall the distinct sensation of not wanting to push the “send” button on the invitation e-mail.  But I decided not to be a sissy.

134113I think it helped having given up on insane and more exciting birthdays.  The only reason I could do a last minute party at all was because I already knew what we were doing and didn’t need any extra trips to the store, decorations, or intricate planning.  Just dinner, and I was going to do that anyways.  Or so people around here would like to think….


These girls by the way, are my yes-men.  Dan-ger-ous.  I’m pretty sure they lay in bed at night dreaming up new ways to get in over their heads.  😉

This year Jehu specifically requested a “battle” birthday and for everyone to bring weapons.  When they got here we rounded them and their swords, back into the vans and drove them out to the coolest spot ever.  I didn’t send the camera.  But if you walk to the river from Veteran’s Memorial Park you bump into a little trail which takes you to a series of (frozen) man made ponds and eventually a huge empty lot full construction debris.  Mostly concrete.  It feels like you’ve stumbled into the middle of no man’s land.  And that you’re trespassing.  What could be more fun?


When they came home we had hot tomato basil soup, fresh bread, and wassail waiting.  For dessert I tried to kill them by making Indian fry bread.  Sorry.  Just doing what the kid asked.


Now what could it be?

134130 134134

You’ll shoot Gideon’s eye out!  Can’t you see his eyes alight with missionary zeal?  He can hardly wait.


For those interested, Lil’ Sioux makes a nice kids’ bow that’s nice enough to target shoot, without being nice enough to skewer someone.  That’s what we’re hoping.  Besides, he looks trustworthy, doesn’t he?

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