Making Cookies the Hard Way

Well, around here, there simply is no other way.  It’s always the hard way.  But a double batch of sugar cookies with icing is just asking for trouble any way you look at it.134150

Judith started out in her high chair, but decided she wanted to sit in the middle of the floured table and eat as much raw dough as she could stuff into her maw.


Pretty much like the rest of them.


What do you think of my up and coming help?  Chomping at the bit she is.  I don’t know what it is about the mixer but kids can’t seem to get enough.  You turn your back for a second and they’re putting their hands in trying to loose fingers, or dumping in fistfuls of Lima beans, or metal spoons.


Little criminals.


The boys taking a turn.

134164Five kids with sprinkles later, this is what you’re cookies look like.  But it’s all entirely forgivable since they taste amazing.  Mother-in-law’s recipe, soft with a hint of nutmeg topped with cream cheese frosting.  Yum.

134174And then we gave them out to the neighbors.  About 10 plates worth.  It’s part of our advent calendar every year.  The kids love running around in the dark delivering shady looking cookies to people they hardly know.

134181For another Advent activity we spent the evening in front of the fire reading Christmas books and eating popcorn.  Actually, I should say “they.”  Because I was no doubt cleaning the kitchen from their vile filth.


Daddy Boy hung lights at the Botanical Gardens this year so we scored free tickets to the light show .  Otherwise I wouldn’t be caught dead paying $30 to freeze to death outside.  All in all I think the kids had a good run this Advent.  We were thrown a few curve balls but held our ground.  Next year I’ll try to do better.  Like, when I put “paper mache” on the Advent calendar, I’ll try and make sure I know where in Sam’s hell the paper mache is first.


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