Happy Christmas Flu

We barely pulled off Christmas morning.  I had to slap myself and say, “Make bacon woman!”  I had planned a British breakfast and by golly, there was going to be a British breakfast.

I think it will be a new Christmas tradition.  British breakfast, not the flu.  Actually, this was the first year we had Christmas morning as a family.  We decided our family was finally big enough where it wouldn’t be drop dead boring to hang out with each other.  We’re our own party now.134229I had put a lot of planning into Christmas this year and even had the matching pink and red jammies for a photogenic Christmas morning.  I buttoned up one girl and stood back to look at her when she puked on the whole schmear.  Repeat on down the line.  You take what you can get I guess.

134230Having the flu over Christmas was kinda fortunate in a way.  It gave mommy a big ol’ chill pill.  Instead spending all Christmas Eve cleaning my house, I went to bed.  Instead of rushing around Christmas morning, I lounged drunkenly in one chair, waved my hand about and said, “Sure, open it.”  And instead of doing DIY projects all week, I ended up laying on Grammy’s couch watching Carmen Miranda movies with Jael.  


I kept thinking how lucky my husband was for me to be deathly ill.  I’d come up to him after lunch and all I could say was, “Let’s take a nap.”   134232

Girls opening some presents.  I can see markers, an ant farm, yarn pom-poms, a dollhouse toaster….134235

And lo and behold, a pink mixer.  Which I am now returning.  I thought it was a mini one, like the Sunbeams usually are, but it’s full size.  Which won’t even fit in Jael’s new bake station.  I’m thinking I’ll do a vintage three quart Hobart instead.  After I spray paint it, naturally.

Rahab with a vintage dolly from Grandma.  Jael holding the new, triple-weighted chess pieces.

Gideon wearing his new hat and opening new underwear while being mocked by Jehu.  Watch it son, you’re next.134249

Jehu with new brush-tip markers.134253

Judith honing in for the kill.134254

Meet Christmas flu baby.134255

Crankiest baby in the world.134256

Gideon trying his new harmonica next to his new tool/Lego chest.  The boys got their Legos out of the attic and spent Christmas break sorting them.  Did I mention it locks?  It does.  Makes clean-up a breeze!  😉134257

The kids really made short work of of their huge gift pile.  Personally, I thought it was just the right amount of presents without being overkill.  Boy thought there could have been more presents.  Then I reminded him how much money I had spent and he said, “Nope, that’s good.”

Rahab and her new Snow White puzzle, King Midas book, and ladybug tea set.134259

They found the breakfast tea still sitting on the table.  “I know, let’s have a tea party right here on the rug!”  I just sat there and took their picture.  Zombie mommy.  Isn’t she grand?  (Notice how all of these pictures are from the exact same angle.)134260

Jehu joining in.134263Shortly afterwards I told the kids to grab two pairs of pants and get in the car.  We barely made it to Jerome.  An hour and a half later we walked into the door of Marc’s parents’ house and passed out.  It was like a relay race.

They’re all yours now.

We eventually came to on Friday and drove home.  Marc and I took turns steering while the other coughed their brains out.  Sunday I drug myself out of bed and disinfected both bathrooms.  Monday I went to the grocery store, cleaned the basement, and reclaimed my humanity.  Tuesday I finished cleaning the whole house, finished the laundry, washed the laundry sorter, changed the sheets, washed the duvet, and caught up on blogging.  Wednesday I put all the Christmas stuff away.  And today I’m hanging pictures, spray painting, reworking my schedule, and making New Year’s resolutions.  I sidled up to Boy, who looked at me suspiciously and asked, “You’re not going to talk to me about New Year’s resolutions, are you?”  I laughed and said, “No, I wouldn’t do that!  …I’m jut going to make you a list.”  🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Flu

  1. I have to honestly ask. How much freaking paint do you go threw? Almost every post has you painting something.

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