So She Sews

And she makes me help her.  I just grit my teeth and wait for the day when she will be helping me.  It shouldn’t be too long now.


Jael’s strength is her ability attack any project without intimidation.  She reminds me of Benaiah, the mighty man in the Bible who jumped into a pit with a lion on a snowy day.  Act now, ask questions later.134321

I show her how to do something and she’s like, “OKAY!  Now move over!”  I like that in a girl.  😉  When we sold all of the toys I took Jael’s money and bought her this sewing desk.  We painted it, but the stool still needs reupholstered.  Grandpa Dude found her the mini iron, and Grandma Sandy had given her the ironing board years ago.  She’s all set.134324

Now watch her go.134341


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