I am William Wallace!

“And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny.  What will you do with that freedom?  Will you fight?” 134365 Heck yeah.  Today it is left to me to squelch the remains of the Pict uprising.  Boy got home early yesterday and took the older three children to the library to give me a “break.”  Whatever.  


You took the wrong children Daddy, because these two don’t give breaks.  Rahab has single handedly thwarted the downstairs plumbing by flushing a pencil down the toilet.  There is toothpaste on every stair tread.  And a bag of oatmeal dumped out in the kitchen.134363But that’s it you little urchins.  The Despot feels all better now.  Prepare to pay the price for your treason.

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