Jael Belle

The little miss slept in rollers last night.  She’s been bobbing about all day the absolute pink of perfection.
134377Which is more than can be said of those other two.  Or four, for that matter….

134378Jael is the kind of girl who matches her underwear to her outfits as a matter of instinct.  In her world, sleeping in rollers is simply de rigueur.

134379She loves everything beautiful.  And that’s where I keep pointing her.  Because the good and the beautiful go together.  The world, on the other hand, takes these same desires and offers them Bratz dolls, Miley Cyrus, and holey denim.  Which, frankly, has nothing on Cypress Gardens.  My strategy so far has been to tell her yes, more than I tell her no.  And then Carmen Miranda size it.  😉

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