What Makes Me Happy

I find it funny when people wonder how I can stand to be home all day.  Really, is there somewhere better I’d rather be?134473 This is what I live for.  I came down the stairs with the broom and saw them all mesmerized by what they were doing.  Jehu and Jael reading.  Gideon coloring. Habbers swinging her feet to the Burl Ives record playing on the record player.  The baby, conveniently asleep upstairs in her crib.134475 Of course, during other parts of the day they are generally more rambunctious.  But by 4:30, they are glad to kick back for a while.  This idyllic scene eventually degenerated into an epic battle between Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington with the air rockets.  “Take that Shorty!”134476 There is something about a clean house that invites  peace.  4:00 is when we do all our chores and when they are done the children seem drawn like moths to the empty table space and tidy bookshelves. 134477 It’s when magic happens.134481 134485Short magic, and magic you have to fight for, but magic that makes everything worth it.

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