Here, let me make you jealous.

This is my friend Sharla on the right.  And this is her surprise birthday party.134528

That HER HUSBAND planned for her.  Whaaat?  But it gets better.  To get her out of the house he sent her to the spa for 3 hours.  After he took her to White House Black Market to buy her a dress.  I know, it kinda makes you ill.134529

The thing is, she’s totally worth it.  🙂134538

There is Randy on the right, and my boyishly handsome husband on the left.  Lucky for Randy, he knows who to call.  Kimberly.  Randy asked Kimberly and I to plan the party and immediately I thought flowers and cake.  Not Kimberly.  Kimberly thought cocktail tables, 12 different appetizers, drink bar, and literally hundreds of candles.  Most of which were arranged in decorative pattern outside on the patio. 134539

I don’t know how many people actually exist in the world who are capable of making me look practical and restrained.  I only wish I could find more of them.  I’m only too happy to turn from the errors of my ways.

And we haven’t even got to the crazy part.  We had four days to plan the party and three hours to implement it.  I actually had to advise her that no, we probably didn’t have time to make paper mache chandeliers out of doilies.  I’m telling you.134542She did eventually settle on glass hurricanes, which I rounded up from the rental store.  She bought flowers at Costco and dredged up all manner of glass rocks.  We met at Sharla’s house the day of the party and got busy.  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time mentally keeping on top of two recipes at the same time.  Last week I cracked the eggs for the cake I was making, into the soup I had going on the stove.  Kimberly, on the other hand, effortlessly managed to orchestrate 12 different dishes while tending her three month old baby and arranging flowers.  I just did what I was told.


Crunch time was the best.  I bet Sharla is still finding all manner of flotsam and jetsam in her pantry from yours truly.  I remember, moments before guests came through the door, I was rushing around the house sweeping stuff into drawers when I saw a baby sock laying conspicuously in the middle of the floor.  The first thing that leaped to mind?  Bake center!  Ahha.134547

By the skin of our teeth.  But that only makes it more fun.



We were even able to come up with a dance instructor at the very last minute.  The deal was sealed.  A great evening. 134556 134559

The shoes of the hour.134564

Randy, making all the other men in the room look bad.  134567Consider the ante upped.


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