Sweet Genevieve

One of the reasons I’ve been M.I.A. lately is the production and consequent disassembly of Jael’s birthday party.  Along with the shoe-ing off of a plethora of house guests and the final death throes of a remodel.  The kitchen has been under the big guns for weeks now, only to be topped off with 34 people passing through the house last weekend.  At the conclusion of which I tend to sit on the couch and stare blankly.

DSC00100But we did successfully turn Jael six.

DSC00098As I wrote about before, I am making an attempt to streamline birthdays.  If we do the same thing every year I really don’t need to do anything more than email invites and make one $50 grocery trip to Winco for flowers and supplies for a bake day.  I don’t have to plan anything, make unnecessary stops, decorate, entertain lavish themes, or bump into hidden expenses.  I also don’t have to deal with escalating expectations.  You get what you get.  It’s called a tea party.

DSC00103This year we did do something a little extra and added some baking on the end.  Jael’s special present was a mini-hoosier built by her Grandad, Grandma, Great Grandpa, Uncle Reuben, Mother, and Father.  Which is now set up in her very “own” kitchen.  Also known as my new walk-in pantry.  It was nice of me to share.  But really, it is the cutest thing ever.  Soft pink with pink glass knobs and a hutch.

DSC00104In lieu of toys everyone brought her mini-baking supplies.  Now you might disenfranchise other children with this tactic, but not Jael.  She is stoked.  Today she made her first mini-batch of cookies.  Easy Bake, eat your heart out.

DSC00107Overseeing the baking invasion.


They were all exceptionally industrious.



Jael’s new mini cake dome complete with Krispy Kreme.

DSC00125My friend Amy who bought Jael her most coveted present.

DSC00120The egg beater.  It should be obvious to everyone that every child has a secret need for a manual egg beater.  And I had no idea.  Thank you Amy.

DSC00127My friend Cammie dipped into her collection of designer cupcake papers.  Another friend brought her every baking staple sold in the Winco baking aisle.  While just that morning my mother picked up the matching set of canisters at a yard sale to decant them into.  I even found a mini-salt pig for her at Macy’s.  I’m telling you, the girl is set.

DSC00133Of course, you will want to see pictures.  But you will have to wait.

FOREVER.  I ain’t promising nothing.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Genevieve

  1. This has to be the coolest birthday party idea ever. A mini kitchen of her own with REAL-but-miniature stuff to stock it…too much fun! And yes, someday I would love to see pictures of that mini Hoosier. 🙂

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