“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Tractor Papa brought Jehu straw bales for an archery target last week.  Although apparently not enough, since they still succeeded in shooting the neighbors house.  The perils of living next to the Ottos.

Jehu learning about why arm guards and finger tabs are a good idea.


The carnage.

I should take them to the cemetery and let them hunt geese.


A personal favorite was when a dad dropped off his little boys with a Power Wheel in the middle of Ann Morrison Park for a little hit and run.  Most of our parks you can’t even walk through on account of the poop.  Gah, geese.


Meanwhile….  Grandad and Gideon were down on the Boise River commandeering homeless camps.  Yep.  DSC00097They found forts built out of stacked rocks and brush complete with pallet furniture and a fire pit.  One of the best things about Grandad is that he always says “yes.”  It’s been a lifelong weakness.  So next thing you know they’re moving in and building fires.  Grandma Otto was looking out the hotel window when she saw my dad walking down the road hauling a pallet.  She decided it best to pretend they weren’t related.  After all, it’s only by marriage.


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