Alphabet Cookies

Jael picked this recipe out for bake day.  She even made a list, stuffed it in her purse, and bustled into the grocery store to take care of business.  Who was I to tell her it looked disgusting and was doomed to failure?


It’s a good thing I didn’t, because I was wrong.  They were delicious and held together quite nicely.  The paint-able frosting actually painted.  Everyone was pleased.


If you get a chance, I would recommend the “Kitchen for Kids” cookbook.  All of the recipes are scaled down, so it lends itself to experimentation.  My goal is to be able to let Jael loose in the kitchen, by herself, without sustaining considerable casualties.  Although the blurb for the book would like to suggest otherwise.  “A book of 100 no-knives, no-flame, from-scratch recipes that kids can easily make with the help of a caring adult.”  A what?



1/4 c. butter, 3/4 c. + 2 T. flour, 1/3 c. icing sugar, 2 T. light corn syrup, 1/4 t. vanilla, 1 egg yolk.  Melt the butter and let cool while you mix the dry ingredients.  Then mix the egg and vanilla into the butter and add to the flour mixture.  Roll the dough into ropes and form letters on parchment paper or a baking stone.  Bake at 325 for 12 minutes.  The icing is just 1 c. of icing sugar plus 1/2 t. of lemon juice, thinned down with a couple tablespoons of milk.  At which point, we divided it and added different food colorings.


The Gideon seal of approval.


I notice that the brothers immediately shape up when Jael bakes for them.  In other words, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  A girl can do with a little leverage.


It’s nice too that they are always duly impressed.  I don’t think Gideon could even imagine baking something.  He has a nervous breakdown when you insist he butter his own toast.  So when Jael caters the back yard in her tiara, with a fresh batch of mini-M&M cookies, the reverence is almost palpable.



3 thoughts on “Alphabet Cookies

  1. This reminds me of Louisa May Alcott’s account of Daisy’s baking experience in Little Men. She was a master at using her homemade goodies as “leverage” with the boys as well! Bravo for just letting her loose in the kitchen.

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