She Downloads the Camera

Doing homework in the summertime.


Rubbing toes in the dirt right after your shower.  Way to go.


Digging up the old post footings for Gideon’s bean patch and our future new fence.  So people quit stopping at our house and asking for scrap.  Easier than cleaning the yard.


Made coconut oil lotion of the pumpable viscosity.


Tractor Pap fixed the latch on the gate.  The perimeter is secured.  Previously unusable space is now the new living room.


My grandpa prophesied, “You can’t fence in her front yard.  Then it will look like her back yard.”


New favorite scone recipe.  It doesn’t get better than that.  White chocolate raspberry.

DSC00433She blogs.  Finis.


One thought on “She Downloads the Camera

  1. Chuckle, Is that real world representation of math? Dig a hole exactly 5 ft by 5 ft and 6 ft deep. Now how many cubic feet is that?

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