Happy Taxes

Boy and I always buy a big ticket item with our tax return before he hides it from me.  I think last year we bought Judith, the year before that Ikea cabinets, the year before a king size mattress, and the five tax returns before that were used on Rahab.  Exclusively.  But this year I got a Chromebook out of the deal.  Booyah.

DSC00472Marc was leaning towards an iPad, but I just couldn’t countenance spending that kind of money on something that was more of a status symbol than an actual necessity.  I’m sure some people get their use out of them, but face it, I was just going to check my email.


Besides, electronics are disposable.  They should have a disposable price tag.  I think this was $275, with other models starting at $199.  My really favorite thing about it though is the simplicity.  There is no hard drive, nothing has to warm up when you turn it on, or eventually slow down after you’ve visited too many questionable websites.  It automatically updates, doesn’t need virus protection, and is hassle free.  I snap it shut and chuck it in the couch cushions.


Also, no little turdy children vie with each other to play Tiny Thief or Angry Birds on it.  They may do do their Saxon math fact sheets on my laptop, but it’s more against their will.  I don’t like sharing.


I also like how everything is seamless in land Google.  Someday they will rule the world.  I don’t have to download anything or maintain a tidy desktop.  Instead I just upload to my Chrome account and dump it every once in a while.  (I try not to get too attached.)  I also don’t have to maintain a backlog of photos on my computer.  I plug in my camera and Chrome just sucks them up to some imaginary storage space in the sky.  I also dig Google Voice.  Not only is this my laptop, but it’s my phone.  And it’s free.  I search for a business, click on their number, and it calls them for me.  I can hang out and do video chats.  All managed through my email.  Voicemails are transcribed and sent to my account along with all my texts.  I really don’t “text” at all.  I just send lengthy emails to your phone, which you respond to with your thumbs.

I like the ease, the portability, and the expendable nature of the Chromebook.  It makes me feel all footloose and fancy free.  Unlike those monstrous Dell things, hooked to the wall with their ball and chain of an adapter, in a festering cesspool of STD’s.  I’m really impressed with the direction Google is going and the idea of an “every man” computer.  I do kind of resent them being the boss of pretty much everything, but so far they seem to be doing a good job.  It’s kind of a hard won right.  Now, if Facebook ruled the world, a bit of civil disobedience would be in order.  In which case, I hope you’re already on it.


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