I’m a fan of flowers on the table.  I don’t think anything says a home is loved so much as fresh flowers.  Probably because they die and you have to be on it again three days later.  In which case, these azaleas were the best $3.50 I ever spent.  They’re over a week old and still look gorgeous, with a projected longevity of all summer.  How is that for faking it?


Plus, they’re incredibly PINK.


I think it is flowers that made me start to realize how much I love girls.  When I had the two boys I thought I could keep having boys forever.  Jael and Rahab may have been an acceptable interim.  But when Judith was born I think one of the first things I said was, “What?  Another girl?”  And when people ask me what I’m having now I often respond by saying, “I don’t know, but it had better be a boy.”  I’m biased like that.


But the more I’m around these little ladies the more they’re starting to win me over.  Girls are little glories.  They make the world beautiful.  I love Jael’s mannerisms and the way she minces around the house, the way she tells stories with her hands, and laughs.  I love their little dresses and the string of dolls they leave everywhere.  The boys mean business and mind their own.  But the girls are the ones who do cute little things for others and run to meet daddy at the door with the new chocolates, or show up behind me with the dustpan when I’m sweeping.  They bustle about copying everything I do and are always in the middle of it.


Lately, Jael has been bringing me lilacs every day.  They don’t last very long so she’s always restocking.  After lunch she grabs her clippers and basket and runs out to the lilac bushes.  And then she goes about importantly picking the best vase.  It made me think, why would I not want a house full of girls?  Think how wonderful that would be?  And they bake.  I mean really, who can argue with that?  Just sitting here typing this, Jael came up and asked me if I would like some tea.  Why yes please, and five more of you.

DSC00580Not to mention, right now she’s in the kitchen frying eggs in her bathrobe and curlers.

Girls are awesome.


(Jael with her curlers out.)



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