Bake Day

I used to make bread every week.  But I’ve kind of laid off lately, on account of being generally sick, pathetic, and pregnant.  Compounded by the fact that my mixer can only can handle two loaves.  Like, what’s the point?  But I decided to start up again, with Jael helping me with her little mixer.  That brings it up to three loaves.  Hardly redemptive, but better than nothing.DSC00601

My yeasty beasties proofing on the left.  Baby bear’s on the right.

Jael’s first time trying out the kneading attachments on her mixer as well as her new rubber spatula from grandma.  This girl has it all.

I never did take any updated pictures of Jael’s hoosier.  So you can consider this a sneak peak.  We still have pantry labels to print and some touch-up painting to do.  I’m also trying to get up the nerve to wallpaper the pantry, my new shelves are on their way, and the can lighting has been sitting in the garage for the last month waiting for the right intrepid soul.DSC00619

Kneading by hand to finish it off.

Putting the dough to sleep so it can get big.  We tuck it in with it’s blankets and everything.DSC00623

Jael buttering her mini loaf pans.

And voila, enough bread for a day and a half.

**  This is my recipe here.  Although I never sub the dates or the gluten flour.  This has been my standby bread recipe for 11 years now.  Tried and true.


3 thoughts on “Bake Day

  1. Congrats! You should really celebrate this new little one by getting a new mixer. The Electrolux Assistent has an 8 quart bowl that I can fill with 13 lbs of dough for 6 loaves. You could make it the only item on your Amazon baby registry! For my sixth, I registered at Target for a big old Dutch oven and a gargantuan cast iron skillet. Who needs to clothe a baby? Really you just need to feed the babe and the rest of the crew, right?

    • This strategy hasn’t even occurred to me. But you are so right. I have looked at the Electrolux before but couldn’t even wrap my mind around a $700 mixer. Who knows, where there is a will there is a way….

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