Garden Girls

I made spinach mushroom enchiladas for dinner last night.  We’ve had spinach-something every night this week.  I decided to make an effort since Boy complains about how I ignore his produce.  I can’t help it.  I saw a cartoon today that said, “I don’t mess with lettuce.  It’s a waste of my time.”  Amen.  At least I have little maidens to pick it for me.
DSC00691 But I still need to get a salad spinner.  Washing this stuff by hand is a nuisance.  Besides, everyone knows spinach is supposed to come pre-washed in little plastic bags.DSC00692 One of my friends commented on Rahab’s dress yesterday.  She wondered if it bothered me to let the girls run around in their nice dresses all the time.  It doesn’t.  Both of these were 50 cents a piece.  I do the same with boys and inundate them with piles of button-up shirts.  As it turns out, it’s the nice clothes that end up at yard sales, and often with the least amount of wear.  In which case, we have piles of them and outfit ourselves with apparent abandon.DSC00694 The rascally Rabbers.DSC00695And this is my very red (and white) husband with his favorite hoe.  Please note the careful and systematic planting of his greens.
DSC00706 An affect carefully achieved by letting the plants from last year go to seed.  Why does he have to be like that?  I decided that if I ever garden it will be akin to having separate bank accounts.  My lettuce will be in rows.  Freaking liberals.  DSC00708 Judo Noodle!

DSC00712And Jaelly Bean.  Garden maiden extraordinaire.


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