Idaho Botanical Gardens

This Saturday we went to the Botanical Gardens.  Boy volunteers there and scores us a free family pass.  As Jael has observed, “Hiking just makes your legs hurt.”  But we don’t mind taking a turn about the gardens.  DSC00735We met the boys there after their man-hike in the foothills.  Where Jehu and Gideon wrestled in heaps of knee high grass until Jehu had a sneezing fit and broke out in hives.  His eyes were covered in welts and starting to poof up.  We almost went home but opted for hosing him off instead.  He recovered and is a wiser man.DSC00756

I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to take any pictures.  I just wanted to enjoy looking at things.  Half way through I couldn’t take it anymore.  They’re just too cute.  What can you do?DSC00737 Fortunately the camera worked an intervention and died.  Otherwise this post would involve a lot more photos.  When the roses bloom I want to go back and inventory them with camera.  I told Marc this would count as a date.  If he took me to both the rose gardens and let me smell and photograph every rose, then I would know he loves me.  Naturally, sushi would still have to be involved.DSC00741 The girls were so sweet.  They immediately turned into fairies and wandered all over the place singing and dancing and setting up various residences.  We never even set eyes on the boys.  You let them out of the van and they turn stealth.DSC00753




DSC00774Peonies rank as one of my favorite flowers.  They don’t hold anything back.DSC00762


DSC00767 Judith thinking about falling in the pond.DSC00787

She is obviously not to be trusted.DSC00788The Summerhouse.  I’ve been meaning to ask them what I have to do to have a tea party there.  It seems like the obvious thing to do.  The universe practically requires it.DSC00789

DSC00800Miniature Korean lilacs.  Some day I will have to plant some of these.  They are picture perfect with a refined lilac scent.  Dainty and obviously well bred.  They make the other lilacs look like country cousins.DSC00795 We set the boys loose with the trail map.  I know when I was younger I would have loved to “explore” this kind of place on my own.  It’s so well-suited to fueling your imagination.  The little pagodas, bridges, fountains, and mazes, not to mention the old cemetery and tree fort.  Anyways, the boys covered it all and came back exuberant, their map in tatters.DSC00808One of the reasons I love having kids.  Everything is exciting all over again.  Otherwise I would have just stayed home.


One thought on “Idaho Botanical Gardens

  1. Your girls look like garden faeries for sure. I love their haircuts! Darling. Oh my I love peonies and lilacs also. They make the house smell heavenly! Taking kids places is a blast. If you ever go to South Dakota in Aberdeen is this amazing park that is free and HUGE. It is a kids dream come true as it has a full sized castle with moat and drawbridge. It’s called Story Book Land. They have characters from all the fairy tales. No Disney! It’s great. We were other last weekend my kids had to be pulled out forcibly in the rain. : )

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