Goldy Locks and the Three Tigers

Jehu had a little too much free time on his hands yesterday.  He decided to write a short work of fiction for the enjoyment of his sisters.  He’s such a nice boy, if you can’t tell by looking.DSC00820

Once apon a time there lived a young girl named Goldy Locks.  She went into the forest and saw a cottage.  No one was home so she went in.  Inside she saw three bowls of porrige.  A big bowl, a medium sized bowl, and a small bowl.  She was just about to taste the porrige when the three tigers came home.  They quickly divided Goldilocks into big, medeum, and small pieses and dunked them in the porrige that they were going to eat and nobody ever saw her again.

The End


3 thoughts on “Goldy Locks and the Three Tigers

    • Takes one to know one. 😉 Eight year old boys are definitely the authority. We have the complete Calvin anthology and I’m pretty sure mine have read it every day for the last two years. Not kidding.

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