Natalie Socks it to Them

We drove up to Moscow, Idaho last weekend for my sister Natalie’s high school graduation.  I graduated from Logos in 1999 and had always been bugging my little sister to go.  She never seemed that convinced.  Picky, picky.  Well her senior year she basically had the choice between that and Deary High.  And she still had to think about it.  Seriously?  In any case, eventually the deal was sealed and she had to do her time as a Logos senior.  Which apparently involved all kinds of horrible things, topped off by a 22 page thesis presented orally before a panel of judges.  She spent all of her free time doing homework and thinking bad things about me.  But she did good.

DSC00945She graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.98 or higher GPA) and received the Logos Faculty Award.  Which means she was voted unanimously by all of her teachers as being a total suck-up.  You know, one of those cheerful, hard working, optimistic, over achievers who you want to punch in the face.  I pointed out to the superintendent, “You never saw me getting any faculty awards.”  He replied, “Yeah…I wasn’t going to say anything.”  I was forced to conclude that we’re not related.  My real sister wouldn’t be caught dead ordering the study materials for standardized tests, much less purchasing them with her own money.  Who does that?DSC00951 The graduation was held at the University of Idaho Administration building.  The children are now all die hard Vandals.  “Nice yard!  If we go to school here can we play in it?”  All you want son.DSC00958 Natalie may have tried hard to blend in and pretend she wasn’t actually a redneck.  But she had a harder time camouflaging her friends.  Her classmates had been receiving their diplomas to somewhat stolid applause until Natalie was named.  And then people  all over were standing and screaming while the audience swiveled in their chairs trying to figure out who let the Clampetts in the building.DSC00960 When it was over I asked Natalie if she was sad she only got to go to Logos for her senior year.  She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “If I had to do this one more year I would drop out of school.”  My friend Mackenzie begged to differ, “Whatever, she’d be valedictorian.”  In any case, I’m very proud of her for sticking it out.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  And Natalie is built pretty solid.  😉  


Natalie at her reception in a dress sewn for her by Idgi.

DSC00976The following day my mother hosted a lunch out at the family shack.  I like how in Blandings Freddie uses that term to refer to their castle.  But in this case the phrase ceases to be idiomatic.DSC00981

Still, Mom did it up nice.DSC00983She sent girls out on flower raiding parties and I spent the morning arranging bouquets.  





DSC00995Judith making friends.DSC01004

DSC01008Phil bearing gifts.DSC01020

DSC01016Jael and I picked up Natalie some Jimmy Choo perfume at Macy’s.DSC01018Reuben was not impressed.  “What kind of present is that?”DSC01022He obviously knows how to buy cooler presents.  Like study Bibles.DSC01025Wait, that’s not a Bible.  That’s a gun.  “Reuben, what are you doing buying your little sister something she can kill people with?”DSC01032Reuben specified, “Kill anything with.”  Like bears.  Seriously.  A Ruger SP101 .357 magnum, what every little girl needs.DSC01030He even fitted her a custom holster and plans on making her hardwood grips for Christmas.  What a nice brother.DSC01036My dad sharing some verses he picked out for NatalieDSC01044Yes, the man in the kilt with the long hair is my pops.  Cool, I know.DSC01045My grandpa offering Natalie an undisclosed amount of money….DSC01047Or a truck.  She took the truck.DSC01048




DSC00986 Later the mystery check was appropriately disposed of.  With a torch.DSC01064 Natalie’s LOUD friends.  😉DSC01069 Some serious cute baby.DSC01074 The baby’s mama.  Don’t you like it when they make it look so easy?DSC01078 Round two of presents.DSC01082 Emily Post’s book of etiquette.  I wonder if there is a chapter in there on how to politely knock off would be assailants.  “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to shoot you now.  And unfortunately, this gun only takes really large bullets.”DSC01095 The little people.DSC01097

DSC01100 Brother and sister.  The last two (very) eligible Germains.  You should get one.  They come highly recommended.  And if no one takes the one on the right they could very well become extinct.  Someone has to do it.DSC01103 The ride home.  My sentiments exactly.

DSC01111Congrats Natalie!  Thanks for doing us proud.  🙂



7 thoughts on “Natalie Socks it to Them

  1. Wow, congratulations! Your parents must be incredibly proud (in the right way) of how well you all have turned out. My husband also loves to give guns for graduation presents – for going out into the real world. 🙂

    • Reuben was visiting me and we got kicked out of the shooting range because I was pregnant. Then he asked if I wanted to go to Appleseed with him. I was like, “I can’t Reuben, I’m PREGNANT.” He pouted and said, “That’s what you always say.” I’m obviously being replaced. 😉

  2. My Dad gave me the very same little revolver for my graduation! It’s my favorite. All my brothers have tried all kinds of trades with me for it because it’s an heirloom but no deal. Your sister wears it well!

    • Reuben had a hard time choosing between a revolver and a hunting rifle. I told him to go with the one that accessorized better. 😉 Neat you have the same one.

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