Adventures in Babysitting

I got to babysit for a friend yesterday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The extras brought my posse up to nine.  It took peanut butter and jelly assembly to a whole new level.dsc01123After the PB&J picnic I sent the kiddos back to their tepee with popsicles.  There was no fighting, whining, or complaining all day.  Not a peep.DSC01129They spent the afternoon playing imagination and building forts.DSC01139 They scoured the yard for seed pods and all things curious and started a trading post.  Seriously, someday I’m going to clean my yard and everyone will be so sad.DSC01141 Marc came home and we tag teamed dinner.  He made some yummy ginger/garlic dal, spiced tindoras, fried masala potatoes, and rice while I made rhubarb hand pies, fried some garlic naan, and made a quick cucumber/tomato/onion salad.  We set up tables in the front yard and I realized that we were gloriously outnumbered.  The adults were the ones knocking elbows at the card table in the corner while the children took over the world.  10:4 makes for pretty good odds.DSC01143-SMILE

DSC01149 The children cleaned house.  There was not a single leftover.  Everything you see, they ate.

DSC01151Last, a picture the kids took of the water pitcher.  Because I liked it.  🙂

DSC01153Let’s do it again.


One thought on “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. I love it when adults are gloriously outnumbered. Right now, there are twenty cousins, aged 10 and under, in our families. They don’t quite outnumber the adults yet, but the scales are very close to tipping. 🙂

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