Birthday Boy

Gideon Otto, my extremely handsome and intelligent eldest son, has turned ten.DSC01301There’s no going back now.
DSC01302 When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to try cheeses from different worlds.  We keep telling him that he means he wants to try different cheeses from around the world, but this information is superfluous to him.  Cheeses from different worlds it is.  He also wanted to go exploring.  Lucky for him, I was able to locate a remote and almost abandoned picnic shelter that was hike-in only.DSC01303 My mother-in-law said I was trying to kill her.  It may have been the walk up a very steep hill in the baking sun while carrying a lawn chair and her daughter-in-law’s Costco order that gave her such notions….DSC01306I’ve had a bit of a wild week, and while I may have had more glamorous intentions for Gideon’s cheese tasting than simply stopping by the store on my way to the party, they did not seem to materialize.  There was no world flag bunting, San Pellegrino, cheese labels, rhubarb hand pies, or even plates – but it still turned out to be the most delightful evening.  Proving yet again that good food and good friends are really all you need.
DSC01309All our friends brought the most amazing cheese platters.  But I must say the Trader Joe’s Raisin Rosemary crisps, paired with Cambozola cheese from Costco, and raspberry fruit spread was the MOST amazing thing ever.  And I loved Sharla’s combination of lemon ginger cheese with dried apricots on seed crackers, drizzled in honey.  Yum.  The children’s universal favorite was Trader Joe’s Honey Goat Gouda.  That and they ate fresh strawberries and cherries by the truckload.
DSC01311Opening presents.DSC01313Going on adventures!
DSC01323 The views of Boise from the bluff were quite beautiful.  It only takes the occasional visit to Spokane to make me realize that I live in a rather decent city.  I can’t help it, I’m starting to love Boise.  And sagebrush.DSC01326


Boy packed everything in with the wheelbarrow.  That’s how much he loves me.  Two trips to the top of the hill in the sun wondering how he got talked into this.  But really, who can resist an abandoned picnic shelter in the middle of the desert on top of a hill?  I’m sure if you ask him he’ll tell you.DSC01335 Jael won the prize for the dirtiest girl.



Gideon upon receiving permission to get lost.  Literally.DSC01347 Packing out.DSC01348

DSC01351 Jael and Piper are two of a kind.  Jael with her Louis Vuitton purse and Piper in her heels.  These girls know how to rough it.


Randy whipped out his quadcopter at the end and the children were instantly entranced.DSC01367

I asked Randy what possessed him to buy one and he began, “Well I needed it because….”

“That’s what they all say Randy!”

Boys, they’re all the same.DSC01372


My niece Mia came to stay for the whole week.  The kids have all been going for broke since I don’t know when.  If I haven’t been blogging it’s probably because I don’t care anymore.DSC01374 Kristian trying out his new bow.  We just discovered the outdoor archery range.  How fun is that?DSC01376

DSC01378 Trying to get the kids in the cars to go home.DSC01384

Yeah, good luck with that.  🙂DSC01402 My girlfriends.DSC01392

And their good looking babies.

DSC01399I am so glad for parties and the occasions that merit them.  I also appreciate how homeschooling has helped nudge me away from age segregation.  I’m starting to feel more and more free to invite the people who are close to us, without regard to how old they are, their gender, or if they’re in the same grade with my children at school.  To Gideon, they’re all his friends.  And it’s always a joy to get together.

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