It’s Like a Sleepover

But with surprises.

DSC01492Disgusting and ill-timed surprises.
DSC01487 I’ve been piling laundry and defiled blankets outside the front door.  The carpets were wet downstairs from being cleaned, so the laundry room and kids’ bedroom are still jam-packed with furniture.  It seemed like a good solution at the time, until the mail lady delivered a package to the vomit piled door about 15 minutes ago.  I’m sure she had her suspicions about us anyways.DSC01482 The children only slept outside until about 11:00 p.m. when there was a sudden rain shower.  We rolled up their burrito of blankets and plopped them down in the living room.  Of course, the children waited until then to start puking.  They had the whole lawn for such activities, but apparently preferred the sanctity of the living room for their nefarious and nocturnal practices.  DSC01490 You just can’t trust them.  Which is why I put them back outside after lunch.  They’re like little time bombs.  What you put in eventually comes back out.DSC01486 This morning Rahab watched “Timmy Time” and when Jehu and Jael woke up we rented “Secondhand Lions” on Amazon.  Now they’re back out under the tree.DSC01485What I wouldn’t PAY to be napping outside under a tree.

You have no idea.

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