Vomit in Exile

It finally gets to a point where you just have to say no.DSC01457 That point is when you just finished disinfecting the bathroom and had the carpets professionally cleaned.DSC01461 Get the HECK outside. And stay there.DSC01463 All night would be good.  Just puke in the grass and let me know in the morning how that goes.  And by “morning,” I mean anytime after 7:00 a.m.DSC01464Whatever they have sure doesn’t seem to be slowing them down any either.  It’s puke on the fly.  And the projectile volume we’re talking about here is quite astonishing.




Goodnight little children!  Mommy is going to hose off the patio now.DSC01481Sick little freaks.


2 thoughts on “Vomit in Exile

    • Thanks Angela! Fortunately being sick has it’s perks. All this laying around and watching movies, while your mother runs to the store to buy you whatever your stomach desires. It’s a different story when *I* get sick. I think I’d rather have 1 healthy mama to 5 sick kids then the other way around. Cross your fingers. 😉

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