Goodbye Ugly

I wanted a comfortable settee for the deck that I could snuggle with my honey on.  Separate chairs just weren’t going to cut it.  That’s when I found this bad boy on Craigslist for $40.  Ugly does not begin to describe it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture before I painted over the elderly beige woodwork with white.  That seemed to make all the difference.  DSC01443Greatly encouraged I went on to paint the upholstery.  Because who is going to stop me?


It was kind of a risky business.  But since the piece of furniture was so ugly to begin with, and was just going to go outside, I felt free to take my chances.  Score one for mommy.
DSC01519 The kids love it and it is now the perfect tea spot, all around chillaxin’ spot.  A bistro table just wouldn’t have been the same.DSC01444-EFFECTSI’m not sure I would really paint the upholstery of anything I cared about, or if I would use it on inside furniture.  But it does wonders for patio furniture.  It just looks like it is upholstered in some kind of waterproof fabric that also happens to wipe down wonderfully.  Next time you see something ugly, you gotta try it.

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