Good Morning!

I’m not sure anything cheers the anal-retentive like the sight of her children reading their Bibles in the morning in their matching jammies.  Ahhh, all is right with the world.DSC01802(Because, as we all know, reading the Bible in holey sweat pants and a t-shirt just isn’t as sanctifying.)

DSC01804We got back from camping last weekend and are finally back on schedule.  It makes me feel like I can breathe and someone is smoothing down my hair telling me everything will be all right.  But the kids leave again on Friday and I’ll probably have a panic attack.  Odds are, no one will be reading Romans in their coordinated jumpsuit after I’ve made them run around the block and do 15 push-ups.  No, instead they will be running around in the dirt barefoot, wearing clothes they “found,” and no one will ever make them brush their teeth.

I can’t stand vacations.  The things I do because I love you.

– Mother



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