Grandma Detox

The three older children have been gone for ten days.  I just got them back last night.  They spilled out of the car in the their swimsuits, tan and bubbling with excitement, followed by an unbelievable entourage of dirty laundry.  This morning I let them sleep in and then washed the sand out of their hair and made them brush their teeth.  They seemed glad to do nothing but lounge around a clean house and CALM down.
DSC01867 Seriously, Grandma tried to overdose them.  Every day she had them they were doing something.  Bike trips, canoe trips, tubing, jet skiing, camping, and pool hopping.  Interspersed with relations from all across the country and a total cousin count of 11, with a few extras thrown in for good measure.  I originally sent them over for the week long Christ Church Music Camp, which kept them on the straight and narrow.  Otherwise I’m sure they’d be feral by now.  The upside was that during worship this morning I realized that Gideon can sing!  Before he just yelled.  Mission accomplished.DSC01873On the way to drop them off I met my mother half way in McCall, where the children played at the lake for an hour while we waited for grandma.  Then, on the way home, they met a party of our friends at the whitewater park in Cascade and swam more.  Seriously, I don’t know how it would be humanly possible to cram more fun in the last ten days without someone exploding.  Which is why I have them doing detox right now in the basement, listening to Perry Como and coloring.  It’s time to re-acclimate.
DSC01875 Something they seem more than a little inclined to do.  I washed Jehu’s special blankie and he’s been migrating between dark corners with a bag of candy and book all morning.  Boy and I went out shopping last night and bought them little gifts to leave out on their desks.  New sketch books, colored pencils, and treats.DSC01878 And this morning I trimmed all their little fingers and toes and am taking them in later for hair cuts.  Tomorrow we’ll start school again until the next big hurrah.  Of which, I’m sure there will still be several.DSC01869Thank you Grandma for doing my dirty work.  Apparently my days in the shade have come to a precipitous end.  Tomorrow we’re firing on all cylinders.


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