What Summer Vacation Means to Me

This is my idea of taking it easy.  Life is so much more relaxing when it’s going according to plan.  Fun, on the other hand, is a nuisance.
DSC01885I find it is actually less work to do school than to not.  Because if we aren’t doing school, then it’s all going crazy.  Consequently, our policy is to always do school, unless there is something better to do.  We take natural breaks for things like music camp, golf, art camp, or VBS.  But to not do school for the sake of doing nothing is out of the question.
DSC01889Besides, I like school to fit naturally into life.  I don’t want it to be something we have to gear up to do after a Mardi Gras summer.  I just want it to be the natural course of things.  It’s not an addendum to our lives, but its slow steady heartbeat.
DSC01890I think it helps that I pile all of our heavy subjects in the morning.  That way if anything comes up later I still feel like we covered our bases.  Or, if we do have to do to do something in the morning, I can roll the morning schedule to the afternoon.  For instance, today we had company for lunch and as soon as our friends knocked on the door the kids were flying out of their desks.  An official half day.  😉
DSC01893All in a good cause.  Gideon let the little boys tie him to a post and beat him with sticks.  I heartily approved.

My friend Amy made a huge fruit salad.  I whizzed up some hummus and made some veggie sticks while the other Amy brought  an arrangement of crackers.  The perfect lunch for little fingers.  While the kids tore it up outside the Amys and I swapped recipes.  We felt like we needed a little menu planning inspiration.  We also wanted some fresh ideas for cheap, whole food, cooking.  I had spent an hour or so trolling Pinterest for frugal meal ideas a few days earlier and was thoroughly disgusted.  Time to call in the big guns.  Amys mean business.

DSC01892After our company left the Ottos finished the day with some memory work, chores, dinner, a little al fresco math with zucchini coffee cake, and finally piano practice.  All in all I can’t imagine life without school.  It fits.DSC01910The alternative of doing school until you’re absolutely sick of it, followed by an indulgent summer that you eventually sicken of as well, seems a little manic depressive.  Which is why I find it strange when people think I’m crazy for schooling all year.  How do people survive in the real world anyways?


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