Snow Shack

Can you believe it?  Otto children didn’t know what a snow cone was.  They would ask about them every time we drove by the Snow Shack, and I would tell them they were just ground up ice cubes soaked in corn syrup.  This seemed to appeal to them.  “Can we have one?!”

“No.”DSC02073However, last night we all walked to the Fred Meyer parking lot and surprised them.  It was a nice ending to an all around nice day.DSC02074 Saturdays are our high days and the kids usually pack off to do something fun with their father.  But now that it’s too hot we’ve been cheating and finding things to do inside.  If you didn’t know already, Home Depot hosts a kids’ craft morning on the first Saturday of the month.  So at 9:00 the children went with their father and painted pencil crates.  They came home triumphant, wielding masterpieces still dripping in glue and craft paint.  Mommy never lets them have that kind of fun.  (We don’t even own glue, much less craft paint.)  Then we pulled the Playmobil out of the attic and let them go wild.  DSC02075 After lunch we all went to the main library downtown and checked out EVERYTHING.  Like 70 books.  For the rest of the day the children sat around the house in a dazed stupor.  Now this is the life.  I was starting to feel sorry for our cousins who had just stopped by the day before on their way to the coast.  Four kids in a minivan for a week.  I’m sorry, but you bring it on yourselves.  😉DSC02085Another of our favorite things to do in the summer is move into Barnes and Noble.  Literally.  I bring a suitcase.  The girls bring their favorite blankets.  Marc and I alternate between babysitting and hanging out in the cookbook aisle taking photos of recipes.  I import my own Dutch Bros. so I don’t have to drink their Starbucks.  Then, when you think we couldn’t sink any lower, we scan the bar codes of all the books we want and request them from the library.DSC02082 And then, THEN, my father has the nerve to call me this morning and tell me he wants us to go camping with them on the Lochsa in a couple weeks.  What, seriously, is wrong with the world?  (Have I mentioned my stance on camping?)DSC02090

Which reminds me, someday I’m going to frame this.tumblr_mo0gzrzonL1rmse6co1_500I know, I’m such a party pooper.  But it’s more fun.


2 thoughts on “Snow Shack

  1. Totally with you on staying home and camping. And the craft thing too, come to think of it. The only crafting we do is in the kitchen.

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