Jacob and Esau

I handed Jehu a thesaurus this morning and he hugged it to his nose and exclaimed, “This book smells great!”  I looked at him like he was an idiot before I realized I had just worked root boost into my hair and it was still on my hands.  This prompted me to run over to Gideon and stick my whole head in his face.

It had the desired affect.  “Ahhhhgghh!!!  You stink!  Go AWWWAY!” he screamed.  Poor little kid.

“You don’t like anything, do you?” I asked.

He looked insulted and said defensively, “I like the smell of tire stores and books.”

Right, he likes the smell of tire stores, but a hint of Big Sexy Hair could potentially kill him.


3 thoughts on “Jacob and Esau

    • One of my favorite smells is skunk. There is even a flower that has the perfect hint of skunk.


      I’ve thought of having some of the perfumers at farmers’ market see if they could concoct me something similar. Hot stuff. Although it would be even better if you showed up with a sample of tire tread and asked them if they could whip you something up. 😉

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