It’s still really only about as fun as it sounds.  But it could be worse.  Much, much worse.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I craved breakfast.  I made all kinds of exciting things from scones to portobello breakfast cups.  However, in the later stage of my pregnancy (the stage where I can’t hardly roll over), I’m just lazy.  Hungry, but lazy.  Pounds must be gained.  When I’m not prego I’m used to skipping breakfast.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  I can’t stand cereal, much less oatmeal, or any other aptly named form of “gruel.”  So you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that I can eat steel cut oats.  The only problem is how to cook them.  We did a turn of them a while back, but I eventually got tired of the scorched pans and still largely indigestible oats.  But after reading this genius post about cooking them in a rice cooker I decided to try it again.  This worked in theory, since you put the oats in the rice cooker on the porridge setting, and indeed woke the next morning to perfectly cooked oats.  What was not mentioned was that you had to clean the now gelatinous rice cooker.  Which took me around ten minutes.  This is probably due to the fact that I have a five cup rice cooker and not a ten cup, where boiling over is probably not so much of an issue.  I was about to call it quits when one of my friends was like, “What?  You don’t need a rice cooker to cook oats.  You just bring them to a boil, remove them from the heat, and then they are ready in the morning.  You just need to warm them up.”

Like, that’s all the harder it is.  What’s with all these friends who are smarter than me?

The draw of steel cut oats is that they don’t turn into slime like oatmeal and are generally more hearty.  And secondly, you can trip them out with all kinds of toppings, ensuring that they don’t get tiresome.  I like to do craisins, white raisins, diced apples, and walnuts with a little cream and brown sugar.  Or a lot.  🙂  When our raspberry patch was in season the kids would go out every morning in their jammies to pick a handful.  Then we would have raspberries and cream.  Now we have a stash of frozen raspberries which are even yummier.  What is truly weird though is that ALL my kids like steel-cut oats and seem more than willing to eat them every morning.  But then again, they are the kind of crowd who cried when I made raspberry breakfast cake, so there is no rhyme or reason with them to begin with.  They despise baked oatmeal, with or without chocolate chips, as well as regular oatmeal.  And Gideon LITERALLY barfs if he has to so much as try Cream of Wheat.  So this is a total score.  I want to pick up one of those plastic Tupperware containers with dividers to keep the various topping in.  Then I can plop them all on the table in one go.  The other thing I do is buy the 5 dozen carton of eggs at Costco.  Every morning I put eight eggs in a pan, cover with an inch of water, and boil until the lid starts to rattle.  At which point I pull it off the heat, let it sit for 6 minutes, and then fill it with cold water.  Perfectly cooked every time.  The children eat their eggs with little spoons and egg cups.  When they discovered that most people didn’t use egg cups they were shocked.  How else would you do it?  I really don’t know.

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