Ottos do the Fair

I tried to talk the kids into going to the Tour de Fat instead.  It’s free and the Boise fair is a rip off.  They were interested at first.  “What is it?”  

“It’s when a bunch of drunk people ride their bicycles to the park in Halloween costumes.”  


But interest waned when I brought up the tattoos and naked women.  Children are such prudes.  The fair it is. 


First up were the Axe Women of Maine.  An all around nice group of girls.  I went right home and looked it up, and sure enough, the University of Idaho is home to a logger sports team.  I told my sister to get on it.


Axe throwing can only add to anyone’s resume.


Jael was ready for us to sign her up.










Watching the tiny baby quails hatch.


One leggy chicken.


The boys spent a long time at the bean toss.  No one could get it in the hole.  Except for Mommy.  I nailed it on my second try and then rubbed it in with due enthusiasm.  Ha, take that.

DSC02255 (1)

Three ranchers sleeping in the cattle barn.  Which, seriously, is the last place I would EVER park my lounge chair.  Much less set up my coffee pot.  In fact, I don’t know what possessed me to walk through the building at all.  My standards are slipping.


The goats were a more orderly lot.  Even their poop was impeccable.


Maybe Daddy will get us one….

DSC02271 DSC02273

Here is one of the 4-H girls with her goat on a leash.  I had to take her picture because it doesn’t get much cuter than that.


If the carnies didn’t scare me so much I would love to walk through the fair and photograph everything.  I love all the colors and general tawdriness.  As is, I’m more of a walk fast and don’t make eye contact kind of person.

DSC02283 DSC02286

But that doesn’t stop me from taking the occasional stalker photo when no one is looking.  Those are some nice legs.DSC02289

Marc liked the sign on the BBQ truck.  It works out very well, me being a vegetarian and him being a BBQ purist.  He only likes meat tried by fire, not by women.  He doesn’t even like grills.  When he wants to cook the deer he shot, he goes out and puts sticks together from his own trees, and lights them up.  The old fashioned way.


The girls traveling in reverse.  It’s sooo funny.


We were on our way out the gate when Daddy decided to take the kids on the Ferris wheel.  Marc had asked the boys earlier if they thought they needed to go on a ride.  They withdrew for a mini-conference and came back and announced, “We can go home now, if you take us to the library.”  Carnival vs. library, and the library wins every time.  Jael, on the other hand, thought that was kind of messed up.  


Daddy does have a soft spot for the ladies.


Gideon lived to regret it.  But I’m sure he reached the point (somewhere near the top) where that was all he asked.DSC02313

You can see him holding on with a death grip and saying his prayers.


I caught Jael making this face.  It’s kind of misleading because she had the most fun out of all of them.  Still, if that’s not classic Jael, I don’t know what is.


Escaping with their lives.


The petting zoo.


The highlight was getting to milk a cow.  Gideon and Jehu had some interesting observations, which I don’t care to mention.


Walking across the sea of parking lot in 90 degree weather.


We had fun.  I love being with my kids.  No melt downs, no whining, no fighting.  They’re just downright jolly.


The girls entertaining the boys by riding upside down.  Judith started it.  She’s not big on stroller safety.  By the time we got to the van Rahab had joined in.


Silly girls.  


I was in the Idaho Youth Ranch the other day when I heard an older lady say, “That little girl just came by running.  If I see her again I’m going to have to tell her to stop.”  Her partner in crime was quick to agree, “Oh, I know.  That’s just not safe.”  Ladies, whatever you do, don’t come to my house.  Because we’re all going to die.  It couldn’t be more obvious.


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