Back to School?

That seems like what’s in the air.  To celebrate, we cut Gideon’s math book in half and gave part of it to Jehu.  Welcome to…whatever grade you’re in.  Other than that, things are pretty much the same.  Although the children did break Daddy’s chair.  Which, incidentally, freed up room to move in his desk.  How handy is that?  This week the kids are finishing up art camp and then it’s back to a full schedule.   DSC02410

Marc has started doing pre-school with Rahab.  Tell me, does anyone have a nicer husband?  And to think, this is how he relaxes at night.


But then again, THIS is how I relax at night.  He can count himself lucky.  Read it and weep.


Yesterday was Gideon’s first soccer practice so everything was a bit of a rush.  Does it look rushed?  I was going for veggie cutlets in gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and orange sherbet jello salad.  And then it all hit the fan.  I still don’t know how I’m going to fit in dinner AT ALL.  Both boys are doing practice on the same nights, at different fields, at different times, and that twice a week.  I didn’t get the place mucked out until 9:30.


People will always tell you to go to bed with a clean kitchen.  I didn’t used to.  But now I think I would be afraid to go to sleep, on account of it sneaking into my room and getting me.  It’s pretty much clean or die.  No one has to tell you anything.  The jungle provides it’s own incentive.


4 thoughts on “Back to School?

  1. What preschool curriculum do you use? I’m starting up but am needing a direction to go in. Any help is appreciated!

    • I’m not sure you should ask curriculum advice from someone who rips a book in half so she doesn’t have to buy two. 😉 I’m kind of an anti-curriculum fairy anyways. To me, pre-school means learning the alphabet, how to count, your letter sounds, and how to write your name. For this the only thing I bought was a dry-erase board for tracing letters and doing handwriting. Everything else is for fun. Because really, she just loves sitting in her desk next to her brothers and sisters marking up paper. Nothing to stress out about. I inherited a pile of random workbooks that she works on. Circle the shape that doesn’t belong, circle all the green pictures, what is next in the pattern, etc…none of which I find particularly compelling. But she likes it. Fortunately, they also have apps for that. She already knows her letters and sounds simply from playing with the iPod. For which I am eternally grateful since I find that process rather tedious myself. Rahab and Judith both like Starfall and Endless Alphabet. Even the older kids enjoy them. Kindergarten, on the other hand, I mostly equate with learning how to read. After that is when we officially start school.

  2. I just did my first day of home school with actual curriculum with my oldest son (Pre-K). I’m so tired, the thought of dinner is daunting. He’s at a collaborative model school, so fortunately his teacher has the responsibility of piling on the work. I’m so in awe of the fact that you do this everyday and that you made dinner. And then you cleaned. You are basically super woman.

    • I know. I don’t think there is anything more tiring than trying to do school with a preschooler. Labor intensive. That’s why I don’t do it. 😉 I just cover the basics, and hope they’ll figure out about opposites and chrysalises simply through the merits of being human. Sometimes I wonder if all that stuff is just a babysitting agenda. Killing time. (Don’t tell any early education peeps I said that though.) But seriously, why are kindergarten teachers so nice? …And not more like postmen?

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