The children were at Grammy and Tractor Papa’s this weekend.  So I didn’t waste any time claiming the available Saturday Daddy Date.  All my.  Although I did share with Judith.  We went to the farmers market in the morning.  Sometimes I try not to take pictures but there is usually something that makes me get out the camera.  Then it’s all down hill from there.


“Don’t worry!  It’s not a dog, it’s a baby.”


I still think mine is cuter.  Some chicks settle for very poor substitutions.  My husband jabbed me in the ribs for the next picture.  Neon blue backside.  Really, no one could miss that.  I could have got a better shot, but I didn’t want to be creepy or anything.


I’ve been liking all the trendy Idaho art I’ve been seeing lately.  Not to mention the t-shirts, bumper stickers, and magnets.  We really do live in the best state, so it can’t be helped.


Another stalker photo.  The only thing better than girls in dresses are girls in dresses AND hats.  And I don’t care how tight your pants are.


The Boise farmer’s market is in the heart of downtown.  They block off a couple streets and the place is yours.  Is it just me, or is that Blue Buns again?  Purely coincidental, I’m sure….


I followed this pink oilcloth bag for a while and it was making me jealous.


And then there is the issue of soap.  I’m sure you’ve seen this stuff, but I love it.  If I was going to develop a middle-aged woman hobby, this would be it.


It’s a bad habit just waiting to happen.


The only downside is that you can’t eat it.  Although I do know a few people who would try.

DSC02458 DSC02459

Maybe someday Jael and I will make soap together.  And it will be crazy.


Crazy with sparkles.


The Color Run was this weekend as well.  I said hi to this cute couple, who were really the nicest people you could randomly accost on the street.


And ask to take their picture.


Marc says he doesn’t like taking me to farmer’s market.  Since I stalk people and take pictures of soap while he stands there holding the stroller trying to pretend he doesn’t know me.


I also loved these tall mugs and honey pots.


And Lego jewelry!  You can’t see very well, but to the right are Lego Idaho pins.  See, Idaho’s the coolest.


The other thing that struck my fancy was the home brewed root beer outfit.  They have there beer on tap in select restaurants around town.  Mostly it reminded me of how unique home-brewed root beer is.  It’s not the stuff you get in the can.  And I need to make some.


And every other stall pretty much reminded me that I need to bake some.  Blackberry peach crumble.  I’m on it.


This picture was actually of the little girl’s shoes.  I wasn’t fast enough on the draw but you can still see them going by.  There’s nothing quite like fresh out of the box neon.


The best dressed couple.  My sister Natalie is getting that same haircut next weekend.  Did you catch that, Natalie?


Judith taking care of some samples.


A parting shot of the stilt walkers crossing the street.


We only do the market once a season.  It’s more for people with money and dogs in baby carriers.  I think a few vendors got tired of the yuppies and moved to a parking lot.  Where they could sell lettuce with increased moral vigor.  We have our own lettuce.  I just go to stalk people.


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