I post this photo for no other reason than I liked the way it looked.  That and I think it’s yummy.  Simple combination of roast veggies to serve on pitas with lettuce and a Vegenaise spread made with crushed garlic and parsley.  (If you don’t have Vegenaise you can throw a little lemon juice in your mayo.)  Pitas were always kind of out of my league because I would have to buy three packs of them.  But I recently discovered that Costco carried the 12 ct. bag of pitas for $2.60 or something.  So now one of my old stand-by recipes is back in the running.


I was making this recipe a few days later and the same thing happened.  Beets are just photogenic.  Especially when they are covered in salt.  Mmmm…salt.


The recipe is for Jewel Roasted Vegetables and I find it pairs wonderfully with baked macaroni.  Speaking of which, this is my favorite mac and cheese recipe.  Only I use butter where it calls for oil, and whole milk for skim, and normal cream cheese instead of the Frankenstein version.  And I double the amount of shells since I think the sauce can go the distance.  Try it, you’ll like it.

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