Post Soccer Practice Ice Cream

Tuesdays and Thursdays are now my official favorite days.  The stars aligned and Gideon and Jehu have back to back soccer practices on fields close to each other.  Which means Boy can do them both in one two hour run.  Only they don’t get finished until 7:30, so I need to have dinner on the table by 4:30.  If I can perform this small feat then I have the next two hours to myself.  Boo-yah.


Although, by “by myself,” I mean I have two hours to clean the kitchen.  It’s so much fun.  By 7:30 I generally have everything picked up and am staring out the window hoping they will get home before I am reduced to dusting.  I would hate to live the sort of life where I had time to be convicted about dust.  I couldn’t handle that kind of stress.


Meanwhile every other parent on the soccer field is wondering what kind of sadist my husband is to show up to every practice and game, single-handedly wrangling five children.  He’s amazing.  It’s a wonder he’s not hit on constantly.


“Ah, look at that handsome and obviously virile red-head with great genetics and the patience of a saint.  I think I want one.”  Well too bad.  He’s mine.

DSC02897 DSC02898 DSC02902 DSC02905 DSC02909

And don’t forget, there’s more where that came from.  Expect news of the next Otto within the month.


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