The question is if you let them build Stonehenge in the back yard, will they ever un-build it?


Usually I laugh hysterically when I read the activity suggestions in our history book.  “Build a ziggurat out of sugar cubes and peanut butter.”  “Dress up in snow suits and re-enact the ice-age.”  And this was a personal favorite, “Bake sugar cookies and frost in shades of the rainbow.”  For studying Noah’s ark.

You know me, I’m on it.




But I couldn’t resist building Stonehenge.  Especially when Daddy came home from work early and did it for me.  With a little help from his slaves.


Cutest slaves ever.

DSC02923 DSC02929 DSC02931 DSC02932 DSC02933

I still don’t see how they could have possibly learned anything from this endeavor.  But that was quite beside the point.  The point was that they were outside, and I was in.  And that’s when magic happens.



Later that night after math they watched a documentary about how Stonehenge was built.  Apparently there is research that suggests the builders could have used ball bearing technology to roll the stones.  And while you never know, I thought it sounded rather clever.


Never underestimate early man.  Apparently they were smarter than they looked.


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