He’s No Mary Poppins

The other day we had some fine English weather after a bit of a Boise hot spell.  All of the sudden it was cool with an imperceptible drizzle.  So we went outside with a blanket for catechism and cozied up with umbrellas and throw pillows to talk about effectual calling.  The children actually like the chance to hash out the things they’ve been memorizing and ask all their bizarre questions.  It’s one of my favorite times.


Wait, you don’t think that looks like what we’re doing?


Actually, when we finished I told them they could run loose for a bit while I went inside to fetch the hymnal.  When I came out I thought, “Yep, now this is what homeschooling looks like.”  And promptly went back inside for the camera.


We have had the same catechism schedule for a long time.  Monday I run Jael and Rahab through the Catechism for Young Children while the boys do crosswords or whatnot.  Tuesday the boys do their catechism while Jael helps them put together a 100 piece floor puzzle.  Wednesday we work on memorizing Galatians while doing another puzzle.  (100 piece puzzles seem to time it just right and the big pieces mean there is room for everyone.)  Thursday we discuss the next catechism question in the study guide.  And Friday we review our new questions/verses followed by some wild Bible trivia.  All week long we work on learning the same hymn and finish by saying morning prayers.  It’s the same ol’ routine.  Luckily, I feel like we’ve bitten off enough material that I won’t have to change a thing for years.  Because some people don’t believe in change.


Looking at these pictures I am reminded of Mary Poppins.

“Anything can happen if you let it.”


The epitome of bad parenting advice.


They were in fine fettle by the time I rounded them up to sing.  Here they are belting “Jesus Saves” off the front porch.


Sadly, they were considerably less enthusiastic when I had them go back inside for math.

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