And There’s More Where That Came From

Since I couldn’t decide if I was dying of cholera or going to have a baby, I thought I had better pull myself together long enough to get out the baby clothes.  In case it was the later.  In the process I was shocked by the obscene amount of clothing it takes to dress six children.  This closet houses only Jael and Judith.  Rahab was unceremoniously kicked downstairs.


The yet to materialize baby “boy” got moved into the baby wardrobe.  (After washing and sorting all the boy clothes there wasn’t a chance I was going to do it all over again with the girl clothes.  Of course, I did the same thing last time and my optimism turned out to be entirely misguided.)


Downstairs I bought an extension for the garment rack and double booked Rahab with the Gideon and Jehu.  The boys only hang their church shirts and bulky outerwear so it’s really not like sharing.


I had to put Rahab’s jammies/panties/skirts/socks under the bed in crates.  But so far it all seems to fit.


While I prefer hanging clothes, the boys get away with cramming all of their stuff in the dresser.  Jehu on the left and Gideon on the right.


If it’s not already obvious, washing and managing this many clothes isn’t anyone’s ideal system.  I would much rather buy each kid six outfits from Hanna Andersson and let them wear them to pieces and throw them away.  Then I wouldn’t have to store clothes like it was the Apocalypse.  However, virtually everything the kids have was free.  They have grandmas, hand-me downs, friends, and a mother who yard-sales.  Clothes happen.  That and I’m a total hoarder.  Uriah the Hittite’s clothes were once worn by Gideon and Jehu.  Gideon is ten.  I was holding up his newborn outfits and asking him to try them on.  “You were sooooo cute in this Gideon!”  I think he can only fit his big ugly foot in there now.


In spite of the laundry menagerie, I’m still very happy to be able to clothe all the children with nothing more than a little organizational effort.  Even if it’s not entirely efficient.  I keep a basket in the laundry room for all the new acquisitions.  When it gets too full Marc has to pack it up to the attic and file them.  I literally have a box for every size from birth to age 13, in both genders.  Whenever I pull down a box for a child’s next size, I have no idea what’s going to be in it or where it all came from, but it’s always enough.  So far I haven’t bought anything more than underwear and soccer cleats.  Right now, Jael is wearing the like-new red leather Mary Jane’s from when my sister was little, which I had the foresight to save back when I was still engaged.  I guess being insane eventually pays off.

I keep telling myself that.


3 thoughts on “And There’s More Where That Came From

  1. This is our clothes system too, handed down to me from my incredibly wise mother, who also had six children in a single income household. I had to laugh when you mentioned the red Mary Janes from your little sister…because I have a pair from my sisters too!

    Our drawers and closets aren’t nearly as lovely and organized as yours, so thanks for some much-needed inspiration. And I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! That’s no fun when you’re so close to having a baby. Get well soon!

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