Hello Ugly

I was yard saling Friday and ran into this little clothes hamper.  I’m not sure if it was more or less ugly before I painted it this vile shade of green.  Originally it was just nasty faux wood.  Nevertheless, ugly it was and ugly it shall remain.  The point of the matter is that it is hard plastic and the perfect size for storing gloves, hats, and mittens.  It’s more of a little chest than an actual hamper.


The lady at the yard sale was trying to sell it for $5.  I offered her $3.  She grudgingly accepted.  “That’s practically giving it away,” she mumbled.  Whatever.  That’s exactly what you would have to do to get rid of something so ugly.  Not only that, you would have to give it away to someone with no apparent taste or morals.


And it’s not like people of my caliber grow on trees.  Really, let’s be a little more grateful.


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