Hot Stuff

Daddy Boy made it home to his sweet wife after being gone hunting for almost four days.  He got out of the truck, took one look at me, and said with evident displeasure, “You’re still pregnant.”


Yes, no one is more aware of this fact than myself.  But I do hope you enjoyed your vacation.


Marc was able to bag his deer on the last morning before the trip home.  A young buck of less than average intelligence.  He said he could have probably taken it out with a rock, the way it stood there looking at him while casually eating it’s breakfast.


Gideon (our only aspiring carnivore) betraying his vegetarian roots.


Daddy Boy and DooDoo.  He even confessed to missing her.


Marc has gone hunting with his dad the past four years or so.  Gideon will be old enough to go with them next year.  I doubt there is anything as fun as not showering, subsisting on snack foods, and not having to listen to women for four days straight.  I can see the draw in that.  Unfortunately, the party is over.  Next stop, a 2:00 a.m. trip to the birth center.  You’re going to love it.


3 thoughts on “Hot Stuff

  1. Woohoo! Birth Centers are the best!! I agree! I am excited for you!! I love birth stories and can’t wait to hear about your new edition! Just make sure you get there in time. We’ve had all three of ours at Birth Centers but our last was born in the car in the PARKING lot of the Birth Center. My husband kept telling me I was doing fine in the car although I thought differently. He’s SUPER calm at all times. He was going 85 on the highway got pulled over by a cop who got us an escort with lights flashing the last part of the journey. I pulled my pants off the last little bit and he was crowning and my husband came to the back side of the car opened the door and said “okay get out” I told him “SHUT THE DOOR” as it was March and freezing cold out. I didn’t have pants on and the baby was crowning. He calmly went up to the Birth center knocked and told the midwife and nurse “Uh we could use help out here.” In a NORMAL voice. They were amazed at that. The midwife did have time to don gloves. Guided him out with my last push or two and I held him in the back seat of our car for the first time. Walking in without pants shivering holding a freshly born baby was indeed strange but all in all with me loving birth stories it was def. memorable. His birth was two hours and 20 minutes long which I did not at all expect. My husband was giving me a hard time about waking him up to take me to the birth center. I was in a very bad mood about how slow he was being. He now has repented of that. Next baby HOME BIRTH all the way. Or at least if I get my way. Our birth center is an hour away! 😉

    • That does sound like a little too much fun. 😉 I want mine to magically fall out while I’m not looking, Monty Python style. I was expecting the baby to come today, but my contractions stopped. I keep looking down at my belly and mouthing the word, “Out.” Out, out, out.

      • Yes, that would be perfect! I will pray for a quick birth for you but not so quick that you have a car birth. I just read a news article that a woman and her husband had their car surrounded by police officers guns pointed when they wouldn’t stop for a cop with flashing lights. They were speeding to the hospital because she was in labor. I am now an extra firm believer in stopping at all times for a cop with lights flashing esp. if in labor. They had their tires spiked and everything. I don’t want guns pointed at me when I’m pushing a baby out. I am sure you would come up with a fine comeback even under the circumstances though! I pray it’s memorable in a great way and just fast enough! This last one for me was so turbo charged….I actually wanted it to slow down! It sounds like it’ll be soon for you!! I had so many warm ups the last few weeks! I know what that’s like!

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