It finally got cold enough to turn the heat on.  It felt very snug and decadent.  But still not cold enough for a real fire.  The best is yet to come.

DSC03220 DSC03221

Jehu trying out his new spill proof Contiga thermos.  Spill proof, but not idiot proof.  Gideon succeeded in getting hot chocolate all over his shirt, Bible, and my couch.  “How did you even do that?” I asked.  He replied matter-of-factly, “It was too hot so I spit it out.”  Der.


After breakfast Judith retired to her “throne.”


Where she contentedly ate salvaged craisins.


Jael likes to baby her and Judith takes it as her due.


Gideon and his queen.  They call themselves the “Peachlanders.”  Pippin Peach and Mary Peach.


Rahab after being dressed by Jael for a trip to the car wash with Daddy.


She’s so beaudo.


Gideon in his short shorts.  Just home from his afternoon run.  Not beaudo, but oh so fast.  😉



One thought on “Friday

  1. This reminds me of our house well…we have three but still the boy mostly not dressed…that’s our boys for sure. My oldest son you can always find because he leaves behind a trail of clothes from wherever he came from. He knows to go to help on the farm he has to be wearing jeans and a shirt with his work belt but as soon as he’s home boxers is it….it can be zero degrees outside and he’ll be running around in his boxers. We have a lambskin too that is adored and drug around all over. I love seeing babies being taken care of by their older sisters. It makes me feel all warm inside. It’s adorable. Your kids are cute!

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